Nonwoven wipes & rolls, by Vincit Paper

We bring to our customers these industrial towels, multifunctional, extra-strong, durable, and that left low residue (fluff), suitable therefore for use on both, light and heavy industry. Designed for machinery, parts and components cleaning.
They are heat resistant, so they can be used to clean working or not fully cooled machinery. Washable product (up to 25 times according to the weight and composition) and durable, offering different sizes as an economical and comfortable cloth compared to traditional cloth.
• Super-strong, both wet and dry – no tearing during use.
• Multiple uses – Versatile in both light and heavy industry, and mild enough for domestic use.
• Absorbent – Effective fluid removal.
• Heat resistant – suitable for non-flammable heat conditions.
• Very low lint – Low linting and waste.

Main uses:
• Heavy Industry
• Steel industry and white goods
• Electrical and Power companies
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical Industry

Wide range of non-woven cloths and mops. Ask price of the product you need to our sales department by phone, Skype or email.


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